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Drew barrymore dating justin long

Ben is alone, purchasing the same beer at the same supermarket where he met Anna.

Meanwhile, Anna enjoys a close friendship with Alex's friend, Conor.

They are interrupted by Janine who, hoping to spice up their marriage, has arrived unexpectedly.

Gigi's friend and co-worker, Janine Gunders (Jennifer Connelly), is having difficulties in her marriage to Ben (Bradley Cooper).

When Ben returns home, he finds his clothes neatly folded with a carton of cigarettes and a note attached from Janine asking for a divorce.

Janine moves into a new apartment by herself to start a new life, and Anna is later seen performing at an upscale nightclub.

Ben insists that they are not his, and their contractor, Javier (Luis Guzman), says none of his workers smoke at the house.

During a tense shopping trip, Ben reveals to Janine that he has cheated on her.

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After Janine leaves, Anna angrily departs, vowing to cut ties with Ben.

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